Code Runner: Interactive 
Board Games with Scanner-App

The innovation in the parlor game: Code Runner Games combine board games with the individual use of mobile phones. The free "APBO Code Scanner" app enables game-oriented playback of audio and video. The Code Runner parlor games offer a new kind of game dimension with interactive logic and elaborately produced multimedia content.

Code Runner City Quiz

Who can recognize the cityscape best? Download free trial game here as a PDF!

The innovative parlor game enables an exciting competition among an unlimited number of players for the most beautiful cities in the world. To do this, each player loads the free “APBO Code Scanner” app onto their mobile phone or tablet. On the board you set off with the dice. When you reach a code scanner field, you stop and scan a video with the app. It shows you a cityscape and two answers, e.g. A: Milan and B: Madrid. Then you can roll the dice again and choose the direction A or B. If you answer three times in a row and are faster than the others, you will reach a code scanner field. There you will find out in the video whether you were right everywhere and won the game. If not, you have to turn back and consider where you made the wrong decision. Excitement down to the last code!

Download the game board for free as a PDF and print it out. With the also free APBO Code Scanner app on your mobile phone, any number of players can play with you.

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